Why Use BOPP Bags?

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Why Use BOPP Bags?

Many businesses trust BOPP bags for their durability and strength. In this guide, we’ll discuss what BOPP bags are and how they can benefit your business.

What Are BOPP Bags?

BOPP stands for biaxially oriented propylene bags. To create these bags, manufacturers weave fabric to create a durable bag that can hold even tiny bits of ground material. Because buyers of these bags fill them and sell them to consumers or other businesses, they need clear labels with information about the contents.

To create a surface over the woven material that will allow for your logo and other information, BOPP makers add a laminated layer of propylene over the woven portion of the bag.

What Are the Benefits of Using BOPP Bags?

BOPP bags offer your business numerous benefits for storing and selling products. Businesses across several industries choose BOPP because they are quality products with a wide range of uses. Some commonly asked questions about the benefits of using BOPP are:

1. Are BOPP Bags Water-Resistant?

We use strong, long-lasting materials for our BOPP that will keep the elements out and protect your products inside. The woven propylene resists moisture intrusion, which keeps mold and mildew at bay. When storing or selling dry goods, such as animal feed or food, blocking moisture can save the lives of people or their pets.

Mold in edible products could sicken those who eat them, whether human or animal. The added water-resistant laminate on top further increases the moisture protection of your product.

2. How Durable Are BOPP ?

The weaving also enhances the strength of these bags. Because the products you have in the containers may be weighty, the bags need to stand up to the force of the goods inside. For example, a plain paper or plastic bag would rip if used to sell cat litter. However, BOPP  stay intact, even when stores toss the containers on shelves for stocking or the consumer stacks the bags after purchase.

3. Are BOPP Recyclable?

BOPP  are recyclable, allowing them to return to the manufacturing process for reuse.

4. Are BOPP Bags Compatible With Automated Bagging Systems?

If you have an automated bagging system, you can still use BOPP to hasten the packaging of your products. Since you do not need to worry about separate packaging for the products, your company can focus on growing business and profits, rather than spending more on extra packaging.

5. How Customizable Are BOPP Bags?

The laminate exterior of the BOPP accommodates a rainbow of colors and a myriad of designs. You have ten colors to choose from when creating your bag exterior. Don’t forget to include factors such as your product’s name, logo and UPC for sales. Since the customers see the outside of the BOPP bag, use it for advertising your brand.

If you prefer a glossy finish on your bag’s exterior, have us print on the reverse side of the laminate. This printing method allows the shiny, smooth side to face the front, giving your packaging a distinctive appearance on the shelf.

6. Can BOPP Bags Help Your Business Save Money?

Your business can save money by choosing to fill and sell from BOPP instead of plastic buckets or similar alternatives.


First, the bags require little storage room while waiting for your machinery to fill them. Since you do not need as much storage space, you can expand your operations or finished product storage areas. By minimizing the required storage space of the empty bags, you can devote more room to profitable ventures. Additionally, the filled bags need less space than buckets. You can also safely stack them without worrying about breaks in the containers.

Secondly, the ability to use automatic bagging machines saves your company time and money. Automated machines work faster and more precisely than people, and you can use the savings on adding new production or increasing profits.

Lastly, you can save money by combining your advertising with the packaging of your product. You do not need a box to put the bag inside when you choose BOPP, saving you the expense of purchasing, storing, printing and stuffing those extra boxes.

How Does Each Industry Use BOPP Bags?

A variety of industries use BOPP bags for selling their products. Even if you are not in any of the following sectors, you can still use BOPP bags to sell granular products that need protection from moisture. These industries often use BOPP bags:

  • Pet Care: Dog food, cat food, cat litter and animal feed.
  • Agriculture: Fertilizer, large animal feed and seeds.
  • Food: Grains, beans and other food products.
  • Building Materials: Concrete mix, plaster mix, resins and other dry materials for use in construction.

BOPP Bags vs. FIBC

When looking for bags for your product, you may come across FIBC bags or flexible intermediate bulk containers. While these bags are highly useful in many industries, do not confuse them with the smaller BOPP bags. Their sizes and uses differ significantly.

FIBC bags hold much more than BOPP, typically 2,000 to 4,000 pounds of goods in each FIBC package. While FIBC bags work well for storing and shipping large quantities of product, they usually do not work for the same end-use consumer sales that BOPP bags do.

BOPP bags let you print a variety of colors on the bag and create smaller, individual units for sales. FIBC bags work best for storing your product before separating it into separate BOPP bags for distribution to your customers. Your business may need both, but these bags are not interchangeable in their uses.

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