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Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC bags), also known as big bags, bulk bags, or jumbo bags, represent a significant innovation in the realm of plastic packaging. These versatile containers play a pivotal role in the packaging and transportation of a wide range of bulk commodities, including plastic granules, rubber pellets, sand, cement, rice grains, and various other materials. FIBC bags are constructed from materials such as polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE), which endow them with robust strength and environmental resilience.

Varieties of FIBC Bags and Their Utilization in Malaysia

In Malaysia, as well as across numerous other nations, distinct varieties of FIBC bags find application based on their specific use cases. Here, we outline several prominent types of FIBC bags and provide insight into their characteristics:

  1. Standard FIBC Bags: The foundational variant of FIBC bags is designed to accommodate and transport bulk commodities such as sand, plastic pellets, rubber granules, animal feed, and more. These bags typically range in capacity from 500 kg to 2000 kg, boasting diverse shapes and sizes tailored to the unique requirements of clientele.
  2. Anti-Static FIBC Bags: These specialized FIBC bags are tailored for the transportation of materials prone to electrostatic discharge, such as powders or plastic particles. Incorporating an anti-static layer, they effectively mitigate static buildup during the transportation process.
  3. Fire-Resistant FIBC Bags: Devised for the transportation of combustible or explosive materials, fire-resistant FIBC bags are fabricated from fire-retardant materials and strictly adhere to safety regulations governing the carriage of hazardous materials.
  4. Liquid Liner FIBC Bags: Beyond dry bulk commodities, FIBC bags can be ingeniously designed to accommodate liquid products such as chemicals. These bags are fortified with waterproof layers and engineered to prevent leaks or spillage.
  5. Fertilizer FIBC Bags: Tailored explicitly for the storage and transportation of fertilizers and agriculturally related chemicals, these specialized FIBC bags adhere to stringent safety and preservation standards.


Provide packaging product lines such as Jumbo bag/FIBC big bag, Sling Jumbo bag, Container Liner bag…
Container (Animal feed, Fertilizer, Rice, Stone powder, minerals…)
Design and print according to customer requirements
Optimal packaging solution – Safety – Cost saving
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