Tran Thanh Company Believes in High quality Rotec Vietnam Plate Filter Press

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The 2nd Success Story


Vietnam Rotec’s plate filter press machine is a product that is interested in by many businesses. Many partners have given positive feedback about this product.

Most of Vietnam Rotec’s customers are located in industrial parks in Bac Ninh province, of which Tran Thanh Co., Ltd. is one of them. The company has obtained very good feedback on the product.

Background Information

Tran Thanh Co., Ltd. was established in 1999 with the main business of manufacturing cartons and PE Foam. The company is considered to be the number 1 enterprise in the production of PE Foam in the North of Vietnam.

The company’s factory in Bac Ninh was just inaugurated in 2017, so the infrastructure system is equipped with the most modern.

The company’s wastewater treatment process has also been paid attention to when installing the best garbage treatment machines, of which the plate filter press machine is one of them.

The company’s leadership has carefully researched features, durability, and price before making a decision and found that Rotec Vietnam’s plate-frame mud press meets the requirements of engineers.



 Positive Feedback

The reasons for Tran Thanh Co., Ltd.’s being very satisfied with the  plate filter press machine as well as the policies and services of Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd.  are as follows:

Rotec Vietnam’s plate filter press machine is the first choice for businesses in need but does not use very often. Its structure is quite compact but its performance is quite high, which is suitable for dealing with the sludge of a single plant.

A representative of Tran Thanh Co., Ltd. said: “Because of its reputation in the market, the company always focuses on environmental protection when facilitating industrial production.

We admit that the amount of waste in our production process is quite large, so we need specialized machines when handle it. The investment and installation of the plate filter press machine in the garbage treatment system is the right decision of the company’s management.



Although it has only been installed for 1 month, the product has surprised us with its very high working efficiency. Especially the machine runs very quietly and stably.

Another plus point in the quality is the absolutely automatic programming, which helps the company save a lot of costs and manpower and avoid risks when operating the machine.

The sales policy of Vietnam Rotec  Co., Ltd., is really great. Although the machine has been used for nearly 1 month, we have just completed the payment with the company. Not having to pay upfront has made it possible for businesses to check the quality before making a purchase.

We hope that Vietnam Rotec Co., Ltd., will create more high-quality products like that in the near future.”



Contact Information

Dear customers can find out more information about our products via hotline: 0971 506 268 for direct consultation or see more information at the website:


• Head office address: Room 311, B15, Unit B, Dai Kim Urban area, Hoang Mai district, Hanoi Capital.

• Southern branch: Lot E17, KDC Valencia Riverside, No.1000 Nguyen Duy Trinh, Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City.

• Hotline:  (+84) 971 506 268

• North: (+84) 961 606 268-  (+84) 967.706.268

• South: (+84) 866.476.268

• Website:

• Fanpage:

• Youtube:

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