Streamline Logistics with Industrial Shipping and Storage Liners

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Streamline Logistics with Industrial Shipping and Storage Liners


Shipping Liners

The methods of transporting goods and products have remained largely unchanged over the past century. Ocean shipping dominates global trade, with approximately 90% of shipments being transported by over 50,000 merchant ships worldwide. Businesses dealing with goods and products have made significant investments in storage and transportation facilities, but they often face challenges that result in financial losses or the need for additional resources to rectify mistakes. To address these issues, the introduction of shipping liners has provided a solution by protecting products in transit and reducing the likelihood of encountering challenges.

Advantages of Shipping Liners

  1. Large Capacity: Shipping liners have the ability to carry large volumes of goods, making them preferable to air shipping. Businesses can choose ships based on the size of their cargo, ensuring safe and secure transportation.
  2. Cost-effective: Shipping liners are one of the most economical modes of transporting cargo, significantly cheaper than air transportation.
  3. Environmental Friendly: Shipping liners are highly carbon-efficient, producing low levels of exhaust gas emissions. Additionally, the millions of containers used worldwide are recyclable, making the transportation process environmentally friendly.

Storage Liners

In addition to shipping liners, storage liners, also known as bulk container liners, play a crucial role in storing and transporting dry goods and products. These protective packaging bags are designed to ensure the safety of products during shipping, especially across international borders and during times of calamity or change.

Advantages of Storage Liners

  1. Enhanced Productivity: Container liners can be easily loaded and unloaded using automated equipment such as belt throwers, conveyors, and gravity-fed arrangements. This reduces the handling time of shipping containers.
  2. Reduced Wastage: Industrial liners are designed to securely enclose cargo throughout the shipment process, minimizing the chance of leakage. Their construction and advanced design make them puncture-resistant, leading to less wastage.
  3. Cost Savings: Packaging bulk materials inside container liners significantly reduces packaging and handling costs compared to traditional bulk bags and sacks.
    In summary, shipping liners and storage liners offer numerous advantages for businesses involved in the transportation and storage of goods. From large capacity and cost-effectiveness to environmental friendliness and improved productivity, these liners have revolutionized the industry, providing efficient and secure solutions for businesses worldwide.

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