Introducing the Heat Sealable BOPP Bag: An Innovative Packaging Solution

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Introducing the Heat Sealable BOPP Bag: An Innovative Packaging Solution

Picture your grocery store’s pet foods aisle. What do you see in your mind’s eye?

You might envision bright colors, clear branding, and vivid photography featuring adorable kittens and puppies happily snacking away.

This branding is important for any packaging product, but in the pet food industry, gorgeously designed bags are a must for brands to remain competitive in that grocery store aisle. And, of course, because pet food is food, the bags must also be food-grade and safe.

Achieving both aims can be difficult.

In 2023, one of the primary materials used to make pet food bags will be phased out. If your pet food company’s main type of packaging is about to become defunct, you might be looking out for new offerings from biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) bag manufacturers.

At Minh Anh Packaging, we created heat-sealable BOPP bags that will make the lives of pet food manufacturers a lot easier (and their business operations more efficient!) But first, before we introduce the industry’s new go-to heat-sealable bags, let’s talk about why they’re necessary for the pet food industry.

The Problem with PFAS and the Need for Pet Food BOPP Bags

PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been used since the ‘50s to create convenient water, grease, oil, heat, and stain-resistant product-protecting coatings. Using PFAS in food packaging has been the way to go, as this practice ensured that packaged food didn’t get wet, warm, or otherwise contaminated.

Unfortunately, PFAS are unsafe for humans (or pets!) to ingest. The CDC has published a convenient list discussing the myriad health issues associated with PFAS exposure.

As a result, many state governments have taken legislative and regulatory action to eliminate the use of PFAS in food packaging.  In addition, the FDA has worked with some manufacturers of certain short-chain PFAS.  These manufacturers have voluntarily committed to a phase-out of the use of 6:2 FTOH by 2024.

Pet food manufacturers are scrambling. They need to find a suitable alternative that does not contain PFAS and that completes the Herculean task of keeping pet food safe and allowing them to produce bags with competitive branding. And, preferably, refrain from skyrocketing their prices.

Heat-Sealable BOPP Bags: An Innovative Pet Food Packaging Product

Enter biaxially oriented polypropylene bags, or BOPP Bags.

And—even more excitingly—the first heat-sealable BOPP bags. These are new offerings from Minh Anh Packaging, and we couldn’t be more excited about their potential to disrupt the pet food industry and bring practical benefits to other businesses that require food-grade packaging!

Here’s what our new BOPP bags bring to the table:

  • The thin polypropylene film covering the outside of BOPP bags allows for custom printing with defined, vivid color on the sides and the gussets.
  • The heat-sealing process allows manufacturers to make their packaging tamper-evident and ensures that the product remains fresh.
  • Bottom closure is 13% stronger than the sewn-bottom alternative
  • Moisture protection is 600% better than the sewn-bottom alternative
  • Oxygen gas transmission is 400% better than the sewn-bottom alternative

In other words, these new BOPP bags neatly solve both issues we discussed before without including about-to-be-defunct PFAS.

That’s not all. The new BOPP bag from Minh Anh Packaging offers:

  • An enhanced moisture barrier with more protection than stitched BOPP bags.
  • Lamination inside the bag, increasing the barrier protection.
  • Full heat-sealing capabilities that work with your existing equipment.
  • Optional micro-perforation for air release per customer requirement.

These BOPP bags are strong, easy to customize, and look good. You can get the specific size of your choice so they’ll stack perfectly on your existing pallets and shelves—and they’re priced less than alternatives, such as PET quad seal bags.

Excited About Switching to BOPP Barrier Bags for Your Business?

Here’s what you need to know about onboarding your new heat-sealable bags.

First, determine whether you’re a good candidate for heat-sealable BOPP bags. Would your product benefit from greater moisture barrier? Do you have heat-sealing equipment or are you willing to invest in new equipment? Are you looking for an affordable alternative to your current PFAS packaging? If so, heat-sealable BOPP bags may be for you!

Next, get in touch with a sustainable packaging company with any further questions. Your bags are an investment that should work hard for you, your product, and your customer. The right manufacturer can ensure your BOPP bags are designed perfectly!

Interested in Getting Heat-Sealable BOPP Barrier Bags?

In 2023, the previous industry standard packaging for pet food will be gone for good. Proactive manufacturers are turning to heat-sealing BOPP bags as more than an alternative. Instead, these bags are a true upgrade.

If you’re ready to get in on the benefits of Minh Anh Packaging new BOPP bags, speak to a team member. In the meantime, grab a copy of our BOPP bag brochure.

Our packaging experts are more than happy to assess your company’s specific needs, help you decide whether BOPP bags are a worthwhile investment, and provide insider tips to help you get the most out of your upcoming BOPP bag shipment.

At Minh Anh Packaging, we offer a lifetime warranty for our packaging products.

For inquiries, please contact us at:

Minh Anh Packaging Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: Adjacent to HA02-261, Hai Au 2 Street, Vinhome Ocean Park, Da Ton Ward, Gia Lam District, Hanoi.

Hotline: +84 944 635 999
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