Gravel and Construction Bags: Ideal for Sand and Aggregate Handling

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Gravel and Construction Bags: Ideal for Sand and Aggregate Handling

Construction and mining operations rely on aggregate products for their various projects. From laying down new pavement for city development work to making garden pathways for residential homeowners, the construction industry is booming with : In 2022, 960 million tons of construction sand and gravel valued at $10 billion was produced by an estimated 3,300 companies operating 6,200 pits and 200 sales and (or) distribution yards in 50 States, that’s a lot of gravel bags. If you are in the construction industry, especially cement producers, you want to have bulk bags and paper valve bags or woven polypropylene valve bags that ensure your aggregate products will reach end consumers in the safest manner possible.

Aggregate FIBC Bulk Bags for the Construction Industry

Every company in the construction industry will experience differing storage, handling and transportation processes and challenges. Therefore, we offer both standard bulk bags from our FIBC stock inventory with same day shipping for customers who need a bulk bag immediately as well as custom FIBC bulk bag solutions to fit your specific requirements for improving output, efficiency and safety.

Your packaged aggregate product may be stored in an environment with exposure to moisture or ultraviolet light, so you want construction bags designed with these situations in mind.

Bulk bags left for longer than 3 days in outdoor storage without a shroud or cover may become structurally compromised and you may find that the loops on the bags easily fall apart or tear during use, causing accidents and spillage.

When working with Minh Anh Packaging for your FIBC bulk bag needs, our team of Material Science Engineers make bulk bag customizations based on your company’s types of production, handling and shipping operations.

If your aggregate packaging is negatively impacted by ultraviolet light due to storage conditions, a UV additive can be specified in the fabric’s resin batch to increase the material’s resistance to sunlight, or, a change to a black bulk bag yields up to 30% greater UV resistance than the standard white bulk bag.

Aside from material, our Bulk Bags and lift loops can be customized in size as well as to fit the lifting and transportation equipment you have at your facility. Lifting options such as cross corner loops, stevedore straps, wear pads and more, make it easy to find an option that works for cranes, forklifts or hoists.

These FIBC bulk bags can handle heavy loads. The materials are reinforced for construction products of up to 8,000lbs with a 6:1 safe working load. For instance, to address lift loop tearing, fraying and breakage, we offer ways to reinforce the materials in those areas to increase their durability.

For finer aggregates, like powder and sand, we use sift proofing methods. We offer:

  • Type A Sift proofing

Offers a nonwoven filler that is placed on one side of the bulk bag’s seam.

  • Type B Sift proofing

We apply nonwoven filler on both sides of the outer seam for increased strength.

  • Type C Sift proofing

Nonwoven filler is placed on both sides of the outer seam as well as on the inside. This reinforcement method is appropriate for aggregate products that are very fine.

Bulk Bag accessories are also available to make your transportation process easier. Accessories like bulk bag pallets, paperboard sheets and more help save your business time and money when transporting construction materials.

Benefits of Valve Bags 

When it comes to the perfect bags to use when storing and transporting construction products like cement, paper bags are typically the go-to solution, but there are other options, like our woven polypropylene valve bags, that are great for construction materials and offer many benefits.

In construction, you want a bag that has a non-slick surface so they can be easily stacked, have the same breathability as paper bags to allow product to settle after filling, and can be broken apart as paper bags but only at the right time for the work project. You also want to cut down on possible contamination concerns during bag breaking so that material from the bag isn’t mixed into the cement or other material.

Woven polypropylene valve bags provide a cost-saving solution for aggregate producers and shippers in the construction industry. These bags are made out of water-resistant polypropylene in a woven design. This weave style has micro-perforations that allow for adequate airflow while preventing contaminants and moisture from getting inside.

In addition, the woven polypropylene provides an overall stronger bag. When it comes to comparing paper and polypropylene valve bags, the valve bags are more puncture resistant and they come in an anti-skid matte finish so they can be stacked without the bags sliding off the top.

After filling, woven PP valve bags are sonically sealed or heat sealed just like paper valve bags. Small adjustments to the sealing equipment may be required but we have seen straight conversions from paper to woven PP valve bags requiring no changes in the sealing equipment.

When Traditional Paper Bags Are Your Preference

For certain construction operations paper bags are the preferred packaging option. You may have specialized processing and filling equipment that offers high production runs for paper bags.

In these instances, Minh Anh Packaging also offers construction paper bags made out of customizable multi-wall materials.

One such material is a natural kraft 3 ply paper valve bag – short 100% virgin fiber paper. This paper bag is appropriate for lighter aggregates at 80 GSM.  We also have a natural kraft extensible valve bag that is cost effective and breathes better at 70 GSM. The extensible paper provides a stronger, more durable surface. You can also fit more construction materials into the bag as it provides great breathability.

Our paper bags are made with recyclable paper making it environmentally friendly and perfect for partners with sustainability-minded goals. With plenty of customization options, these bags are always a good choice for construction materials.

Turn To Minh Anh Packaging For Construction and Aggregate Packaging

Your construction company must process and ship building products to end customers. Substandard bulk bags pose serious safety risk to your employees and customers. Instead, consider using Minh Anh Packaging FIBC bulk bags. We offer a wide range of bag sizes, loop styles, fill and discharge options so that your company receives the appropriate bag based on your specific operations. Contact our company today to learn more about our construction bag products.

At Minh Anh Packaging, we offer a lifetime warranty for our packaging products. 

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