Ensuring Safety When Dealing with FIBC Bulk Bags

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Ensuring Safety When Dealing with FIBC Bulk Bags

According to a cost-to-weight-transported proportion, FIBCs or “bulk bags” are widely acknowledged and approved as the most economical type of packing. Bulk bags are the best packaging choice for storing and shipping up to 5,000 pounds of dry flowable goods. They get made of woven polypropylene fabric.

Economic factors, such as cheaper packing materials compared to comparable small and semi-bulk containers, have contributed significantly to this growth. But bulk bags’ ergonomic benefits over tiny bags, compact boxes, and drums have also had a large influence. There are various safety issues you should be aware of.

Make Sure That No Equipment Used to Handle FIBC Bags Has been Damaged

All tools used to fill, lift, and transport full FIBC bulk bag must be in perfect working order. Making sure of this is essential for the workers and the product’s safety. Any harm to the bags might result in product spillage and subsequent waste. Forklifts and other machinery should be well-maintained.

The Ideal Assistance

A bag may slump or even tumble over if it is not properly supported while being filled. The best-case scenario is that these problems result in little to no injury; the worst-case scenario involves operators or their appendages being crushed.

When the bag is supported by a temporary structure, most commonly a forklift, injuries might also happen.

The operator must work closely with the forklift despite the fact that it may have enough assistance capability.

This puts the operator at risk of being run over, struck by the forklift, or stuck in between the forklift and other machinery.

Experts advise using a proper filling frame that is authorized to sustain the whole weight of the bag in a hanging mode to avoid these and other safety issues.

Make Sure to Use All Lift Loops When Halting FIBC Bags

Loops are a basic feature of an FIBC bulk bag. These are thoughtfully positioned to make lifting these bags easier. Never raise these bags without utilizing all of the loops. There is a substantial risk of bag failure and substance leakage if the bag is lifted using fewer loops than are specified in the bag.

Always Choose Trained Staff

The individuals controlling the crane, lift, or hoist must possess the necessary training for the position. Make sure they all possess the necessary qualifications for training. To prevent any tragic events, make sure they are constantly wearing their safety equipment.

Learn how to Handle FIBCs

The FIBCA gives comprehensive handling recommendations for working with FIBC Jumbo bags safely. Before and while handling these bulk bags, make sure you are fully aware of the basic dos and don’ts described in these instructions.

In addition to the aforementioned safety measures, make sure there are no persons present at the location where you are lifting these bags. To prevent the crane operator from becoming distracted, nobody else should be present when lifting FIBC bags. Additionally, if the bags split, it may endanger people’s lives.

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