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For a hot and humid climate like ours in the USA. The change of weather to the hot period always makes us uncomfortable when going out as well as at home. Whether we drive a car or other means of transportation, the sun shines directly on us. When those rays of sunlight come in, we will become tired and uncomfortable. In addition, it can also reduce the life of the vehicle. Damage to vehicle equipment….

Therefore, now people have come up with a specialized product to combat the harmful rays of the sun. It is an automotive insulation film product. This type of product is extremely useful and effective. Currently, when it’s hot, people often go to paste car insulation film to help when going out on the street, they are no longer afraid of those sunlight and always protect our cars from damage. So, let’s learn a little bit about insulating film with us.

Automotive insulation film

Automotive window film is a specialized product to combat harmful sunlight that affects our health. Car window films are usually composed of many different layers and materials. Form a thin sheet of insulating plastic.

Research on sunlight currently has 3 sources of radiation: infrared rays accounted for 57%, ultraviolet rays accounted for 5% and the remaining 38% was from visible light. The effect of the big window film helps to filter out more than 80->90% of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. But it still retains a certain transparency to help users easily observe when moving. In addition, today’s car insulation film products are often resistant to temperatures from 55->60%.

Some technologies for coating automotive insulation films

Currently on the market there are many different automotive window film technologies. But cheap car insulation film usually has 4 technologies as follows.

Nano ceramic glaze
Coating of metals
Metal sputtering

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Structure of auto-insulating film

Insulation films are composed and coated with many layers of material to help them absorb ultraviolet and infrared rays on the polyester plastic surface. Each type of thermal film usually has a different construction and coating method. The mechanism of action is also different. And those mechanisms are absorbed in different ways. However, not everything is different, it must have some standard construction. To help with parameters such as light penetration, heat insulation and absorption rate.

The following and 5 layers of construction of glass film insulation

Tough film layer: coated on the outermost surface of the film. Helps absorb ultraviolet, infrared, ultraviolet and UV rays. And it can also help prevent scratches on the product.

Lens layer: this layer is made from a thin layer of plastic with a slightly dark color. It helps to prevent sunlight from penetrating and entering the film.

Plastic layer: this layer is quite important, it is used to reduce glare and glare of the sun. Helps block and disperse types of ultraviolet and infrared rays. In addition, it can also reduce the temperature when the sun goes down.

Plastic film layer: this layer is the layer to handle and dissipate UV rays, ultraviolet rays that are harmful to skin and health.

Surface coating: it has the effect of preventing the insulation film from being reflected by the sun and shining in other places.

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Should I paste automotive insulation film?

According to the current weather forecaster, the outdoor temperature is often hot and sunny, at 40 degrees Celsius, and closed places such as car compartments can reach 50-55 degrees Celsius. The prolonged heat will cause Damages such as reducing the life of the car, affecting and causing damage are said to be in the car. In addition, it also has a huge impact on our human health.

Although you have been able to sit and use the air conditioner in the car, its temperature is still high. That’s how long the sun shines on our cars. When we sit in the car, the car is exposed to direct sunlight. Therefore, harmful rays will easily affect our health. It can cause pathologies such as skin damage, eye damage. The detail is that we are harmed by the UV finding poles. This light makes our skin black, rough, causes skin cancer and affects glare.

Your use of automotive insulation film. When the outdoor temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. When you have glued the insulation key in the car compartment, you can only have 30-25 degrees Celsius. When you have used the insulation film, you are no longer afraid of the heat. Light like UV rays affects our face, skin or health.

In addition, when you use window film, you can create an extremely new, outstanding and beautiful space for our car than before.

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Reasons to use automotive insulation film

Safety protection, impact and resistance: help you when sitting in the car will not be affected by the sunlight and. Increased resistance to car glass. In addition, if your glass is broken, the car insulation film will help keep the broken pieces of glass.

Block ultraviolet rays and UV rays very well: car window films help prevent ultraviolet rays and UV rays from entering the car. Helps users not to be affected to health and protects the face and skin of users 100% safe

Anti-glare and eye protection: Car window tints reduce the amount of sunlight that can cause glare or damage to the face. And make the space our eyes become easier to see and easier to move.

Protect decorative items and interior in the car: the influence of ultraviolet rays, infrared rays not only affects human health, but it can also damage the use and interior of the car. such as: rubber, plastic doors, steering wheel, screen, etc.

Insulation and resistance to heat extremely well: gluing insulation film helps our car compartment become cooler, not hot when traveling on the road. Make us feel comfortable.

Create a private space for the car: the car insulation film is covered with a color layer to help the occupants of the car have a private space without being seen by people on the street.

Save fuel and save money: the heat makes the air conditioners in our cars less efficient. Therefore, if we want to be cooler, we have to turn on harder. Turning on stronger, our car will consume a lot of fuel and money. Therefore, when you use 3m film, it will help you spend more money and fuel in the car.

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Mechanisms that create automotive insulation film gluing

Mechanisms and operations of 3m insulation films often have in common with regard to heat-resisting preliminaries.

Some mechanisms such as: heat absorption mechanism, heat reflection mechanism, heat radiation mechanism. These 3 mechanisms are the 3 main mechanisms in insulating film.

In addition, vkool insulation film also has a number of additional mechanisms such as: infrared cutting mechanism, metal coating mechanism, infrared spectrum filtering mechanism. These extra bodies are often used in better and more expensive films.

Briefly explain the mechanism of car insulation film:

Heat absorption mechanism: when you stick the insulation film on a surface, the light temperature from the sky transmitted to that surface will be absorbed by the insulation film. The absorbed heat will be diffused to radiate heat to the outside environment. If the air outside the environment moves more, the diffusion will be more. That is why the outer surface of the insulation film has a higher temperature than the normal temperature.

Mechanism of heat reflection: the temperature of sunlight transferred to the insulating film, that light temperature will be reflected back to the outside environment. That amount of heat will be removed. Therefore, the insulating film for cars will reduce the amount of heat outside and be durable in the car.

Most people, when pasting car window films, often ask why is the film outside it so hot to the touch?

Because why is it hot outside when gluing car insulation film? Because of the feature of the film to insulate and absorb the heat. Helps to keep the space in the car compartment without creating any hot temperatures. Because of the heat-absorbing feature, the glass film usually has an outside temperature of 10 degrees Celsius higher than normal weather.

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Experience choosing automotive insulation film

It is never easy to choose the best quality high-end insulating films for cars. You need to know the experience of choosing the right movie. From there, it will help you choose quality movies without spending a lot of money.

When choosing insulation film, you need to know the basic parameters of the film
Specifications of insulating films have many types and the parameters are completely different. Therefore, you should know the basic parameters of each type of film. Each type of film usually has different insulation capabilities depending on their specifications and specifications.


Light transmission ratio VLT

UVR . blocking ability
Total heat resistance TSER
The ability to block infrared rays
Reflective Ratio VLR
CHEAP Glare Reduction Rate
Choose the right car window film for the position on the glass
Normally, at places that provide and install professional insulation film, people never stick one type of film on all of your car windows. It is advised that you choose films with specifications suitable for that position of car glass. Because each glass position will when the correct shape of the film will give us the heat through and extremely high quality. So when you choose a film, you should choose the right type of plastic for each glass and each type of vehicle. Therefore, it will help you to reduce a part of the cost and time of use of cheap insulation film.

Note when choosing the color of insulation film

Currently on the Vietnamese market, we have many types of color insulation films. Can help you meet the film colors that match the tone of your car. You should choose the film colors with the same tone of the car to avoid the creaking, which will cause the phenomenon of not looking good. People often use film colors to paste such as black silver, gray, blue black ….

Do not choose cheap car insulation films

Currently on the market there are many types of insulation film coating technology. In which there are a number of film coating and dyeing industries with extremely cheap prices. These types are usually sold quite a lot in big and small stores. However, this type of film is often not of high quality. It can only make the port of light, reduce the glare. Unable to insulate the temperature and stretch the harmful infrared, ultraviolet, and UV rays. That’s why when you use film, don’t be too cheap, but you should care about the quality of the film, whether it is good without insulation and whether it is safe for us.

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Some of the most commonly used insulation films

There are many types of automotive window films on the market. That’s why we will introduce some types of movies that have a lot of users

3M . Insulation Film

3M is an insulating film company that is no stranger to car owners. With the trust of users for the quality and as well as the prestige of this 3M insulating film, it is currently the most widely used type. 3M insulation film made in the USA is coated with the most modern advanced technologies. Therefore, this type of product can block 95% of sunlight. Prevents the risk of skin cancer and other medical problems.

Vkool . insulation film

Vkool is also a familiar brand for insulating films. This type of brand belongs to the Eastman chemical company in the US. Vkool insulation film is produced according to proprietary XỈ metal sputtering technologies. Capable of hot sun, extremely good blocking of ultraviolet and infrared rays. However, this type is quite expensive.

Llumar . Insulation Film

Llumar is the insulation film of Eastman Group founded in 1920, based in Kingsport, Tennessee, USA. Llumar insulation film is a film line that was born in 1977 in the US, and now this type of film is quite sought after by many countries around the globe because of the quality and prestige it brings extremely high and perfect.

Sungard Insulation Film

Sungard is a premium film brand in the US. With extremely modern production techniques, the quality of products from the Sungard brand has never disappointed consumers. With materials manufactured by Sungard, they are resistant to harmful ultraviolet rays, infrared rays and UV rays. Therefore, Sungard is very popular and used by many people.

Classis . insulation film

Classis is a leading brand in the production of insulating films that are resistant to ultraviolet rays, UV rays, infrared rays. In addition, this type of brand is also capable of making anti-glare insulating films and increasing visibility for extremely high users.

Ntech insulation film

Ntech is a type of insulation film made in Korea. Ntech Insulation Film is used with modern technology, is equipped with metal coating and is sold at an extremely low price and quality in the market.

Suntek Film Insulation

Suntek insulation film is a brand from the US. The types of insulation films from Suntek provided are all types with extremely good features and high quality and efficiency. This type is usually priced in the mid-range.

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Application of cheap insulation film

At present, insulating film is a low-cost yet convenient anti-energy material. So this type of product is more and more popular everywhere in Vietnam. With extremely unique capabilities such as good insulation, anti-glare, skin and face protection for users, anti-ultraviolet, UV, ultraviolet and infrared rays… With such benefits, film Heat-resistant insulation is often applied in many places such as:

Film insulation for high-rise buildings and greenhouses. Aim to help reduce heat, reduce glare. And can be used in places such as offices, companies, apartments, apartments.

Insulation film can also create a separate space, anti-scratch, anti-dust. You can paste it in places such as urban areas, cities, houses, etc.

In addition, glass film can also be used to stick on cars to help prevent ultraviolet rays, UV rays, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays from affecting the skin and health of the user.

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Instructions for gluing car insulation film

Step 1: Prepare a towel and glass cleaner. Then you start to clean the surface of the car glass so that its surface is no longer dirty or dusty.

Step 2: Prepare soap and car insulation film. After preparing, you use the ruler due to the size and cut the insulation film to the correct size on the car glass. You use the solution away from the room into a spray bottle. This soapy solution helps to create a slip to allow the film to move easily on the surface of the car glass.

Step 3: proceed to paste the film. You take the insulation film and put it on the surface of the car glass. Then you start to remove the plastic layer on the film (should only open 1 more, should not open all the plastic). Next, you use a spray bottle with soap in it and start the spray on the insulation film (should be sprayed in the insulation film and also on the glass for easy movement). After you have finished spraying, you start to lower the film and stick it on the glass. After you have pasted it, you just follow the same way and paste another half of the next insulation film. If the insulation film is deviated during the gluing process, you can use your hands to adjust it to fit the glass.

Step 4: You take a jack-knife. Then you use that glass wiper to tile the surface of the insulation film to get all the soap solution in the car and remove all the air in the film so that the thermal film is adhered more firmly.

Step 5: Use the dryer. Car glass usually has a very high curvature. Therefore, if you want the film to hug according to the work of the glass, you use the dryer to heat the surface of the insulation film and put it on its surface to get the curvature and hug to the glass surface.

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Instructions on how to preserve the insulation film after it has been pasted

After you have pasted, you should go through the maintenance instructions. To help the insulation film have high adhesion and increase the time of use

Cars should not be moved at high speed when the insulation film is pasted: after you have pasted the insulation film. In 2 days, you should not move the car at too high a speed, limit movement. It will give the insulating film time to adhere to the glass surface.
Do not use cleaning agents and do not clean the glass: after being pasted within a week, you should let the insulation film fly away all the moisture in the car. So do not use the solution to clean the film.
Should not lower the glass, raise the glass too much: just pasted the insulation film cannot adhere firmly to the jack surface. So you let it stick firmly before raising and lowering the glass.
Car cleaning must be light and careful: the insulation film is made of plastic, so when cleaning the car, you should use items such as a smooth towel to clean it. Do not use sharp objects. And do not use too much force to clean the film surface for a long time.

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