BOPP Barrier Bags vs Multi-Wall Paper Bags: Exploring Superiority

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BOPP Barrier Bags vs Multi-Wall Paper Bags: Exploring Superiority

Multi-wall paper bags may have their place, but if you want packaging materials with reliable performance, it’s time to consider something with a little more heft.

Whereas multi-wall paper bags are what they sound like – paper bags with multiple layers – BOPP barrier bags are specifically designed to protect their contents. For bags designed to limit oxygen exposure, BOPP barrier bags are a superior alternative to their paper bag counterparts.

Current paper bags intended to limit oxygen exposure contain highly processed layers to give them these properties. One such layer – clay-coated paper – has recently been banned because it contains PFAS substances deemed unsafe for food contact.

Our BOPP barrier bag, however, uses simple virgin polypropylene that has been approved as safe for food contact since 2013. This makes the food, pet food, and even pharmaceutical industries great candidates for a BOPP barrier bag.

Let’s discuss why these bags are superior and detail some of the best use cases for barrier bags.

Four Key Reasons to Consider BOPP Barrier Bags

Interested in choosing a BOPP barrier bag for your product? Here’s why that’s a solid investment:

1. BOPP barrier bags offer better protection from moisture and oxygen.

If you are in animal feed, pet food, pharmaceuticals, or any other industry in which the safety and integrity of products are essential, our new heat-sealable BOPP barrier bags are the way to go. Our design is unlike other BOPP bags, offering more than twice the moisture and oxygen protection of other BOPP bags and three times the protection of clay-coated paper bags.

2. BOPP barrier bags exhibit outstanding durability and tear resistance.

Polypropylene is far more robust than paper materials. As a result, bags made from polypropylene resist punctures and tears far better, reducing product loss and contamination. This isn’t just theoretical: BOPP bags stand up better to structural, performance, and specialty tests than multi-wall paper bags. And their stackable designs make BOPP barrier bags far more efficient to transport and store (resulting in further cost and time savings).

4. BOPP barrier bags are more environmentally friendly than many paper options.

Clay-coated paper bags are not easily recyclable because the clay coating must be removed. BOPP, on the other hand, is both recyclable and biodegradable. It takes fewer resources to manufacture BOPP bags and fewer resources to transport and store them. And because BOPP barrier bags resist water and contamination far better than paper, they lead to less product waste. Some BOPP bag manufacturers are also looking into renewable energy sources for creating these bags.

How to Find a Great BOPP Barrier Bag

Are you sold on the benefits of BOPP barrier bags for your product? Great!

But here’s the thing—Minh Anh Packaging is currently the only US supplier of heat-sealable BOPP barrier bags If you’re looking for a great barrier bag vendor, we recommend the following considerations:

  1. Your warehouse and equipment: Think about the depth of your shelves, your filling equipment, the dimensions of your pallets, and any other physical constraints that could determine the best bag size for you.
  2. Your branding requirements: Will you need a bag that can be printed with a specific design or bold color? In some markets (e.g., pet food), graphics that stand out on a busy grocery store shelf are key. BOPP bags are well-suited to support vivid colors and standout branding.
  3. The protection your product needs: If your product is a type of food or medicine, you must ensure it doesn’t get wet, stale, or contaminated during storage or transit. BOPP bags give you the assurance you need to know your product will remain fresh and safe.

In addition to finding a great bag, you’ll need a trustworthy vendor. After years of working in this industry, here are the top three things we would keep an eye out for:

  • Suppliers who will send you a sample bag: After you’ve sent over your requirements, dimensions, and branding, your supplier should send you a sample for inspection. If that sample bag doesn’t match your exact specifications, it may be a good idea to reconsider the relationship.
  • Suppliers with in-house technical staff: Ensure your supplier has in-house materials scientists specifying and designing your bag. This reduces the chance of misunderstandings and mistakes that often occur when working with outsourced manufacturers.
  • Suppliers with multiple manufacturing locations. Especially manufacturers who include the option to manufacture bags domestically! This can help you skirt labor shortages and shipping issues to ensure you get your bags on time, no matter what.

Minh Anh Packaging Is Ready to Supply Smart, Sustainable BOPP Barrier Bags

If you’re looking for a BOPP barrier bag supplier ready to go the extra mile to ensure your bags work well for you, look no further than the experts at Minh Anh Packaging. Our team is happy to answer any questions and provide our expertise to help you select the right bags.

Are you interested in BOPP barrier bags for your business?

At Minh Anh Packaging, we offer a lifetime warranty for our packaging products. 

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